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Diamond Infused Flower

If you're looking for a lil extra oomph to your regular flower routine, get ready for Malibu's newest addition; Diamond Infused flower! The first of it's kind, our Diamond infused flower is hand created using our proprietary formula created and single-sourced through our very own products. The combination of Diamonds and flower give you a long lasting, accentuated experience and is available in three distinctive strains: Malibu's Most Wanted, High Tide and Low tide.

Snowboard Diamond Prerolls

You'll want to indulge in our newest addition, the Malibu Snowboards! Taste opulence with your favorite infused pre-rolls coated in THC diamonds inside and out. Unlike anything else on the market, try them today!

Boogie Board Preroll 6 Packs

The hottest item on the market, our Boogie Boards proceed their amazing reputation as the best preroll pack available. Hand filled with 100% pure, top shelf flower and triple infused with live resin, diamonds and topped off with kief, this affordable luxury.

Premium Vapes

Our vapes are bar none when it comes to quality, terpenes and overall experience. Our vapes are made with distillates which are cannabis extracts that have been purified and processed to separate the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, into precise amounts. Go on a journey of all natural flavors with our botanically derived terpenes and ride the wave!

Surfboard 2G Disposables

Ready to go disposable vape! The first vape of its kind, our latest innovation finally solves the issues other vapes in the market fail to address.

Triple Infused Preroll:
The Fun Board

Enjoy all the FUN of our Boogie Boards in a larger 1g preroll. Just like "Boogie Boards", our Fun Boards are triple infused with kief, live resin diamonds, and crumble that will have you "hanging ten" in no time.


Find your favorite Malibu products at a retailer near you! We offer top shelf, premium indoor flower harvested right here in sunny Southern California. All of our products are licensed, tested, and hand picked for the best quality around. Our products are only available at Licensed Dispensaries throughout California.

Keep the Summer Vibe going with us and enjoy while choosing a brand that positively impacts the environment!

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